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We started SweetEasy Wine Tours to be able to share the amazing experiences we've made in Catalonia with fellow wine and food lovers. We want our guests to fall in love with Catalonia, the same way we did during our first visit. And here the wine, the food, the nature, the history and culture are at the center of life. We are proud of the region we now call home, and we want to share it with people blessed with curiosity.


All our tours are tailored to suit the needs and interests of the travelers, and the programs are planned according to what's best for the season. As we have traveled around a lot in Catalonia, both privately and professionally, we have many suggestions to make. And we'd love to share our special places with you. We work with small groups, where the individual gets noticed. We meet with dedicated people with a passion for their business.


It's easy to enjoy life in Catalonia. Here you find some of the most interesting wine regions in Spain, where winemaking has been developed into an artform. The Catalan nature offers the most stunning sceneries; from the sandy beaches of Costa Daurada to the steep hills of the Priorat vineyards, from the lush and billowing Penedès region, to the emblematic Monserrat Mountain. And that the regional capital, Barcelona, is constantly topping the list of favourite city destinations is easy to comprehend, with the diversity of treasures on offer to the visitor.



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