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"We want our guests to fall in love with Catalonia, the same way we did during our first visit. And here the wine, the food, the nature, the history and culture are at the center of life. We are proud of the region we now call home, and we want to share it with people blessed with curiosity.


Welcome! Benvingut!"

SweetEasy Wine Tours is based in Spain, in the Penedès wine region south of Barcelona. The main focus of the company is destination management for cultural tourism in Catalonia, and with a strong focus on wine tourism. The owners, Sinisa Curovic and Sara Rönnberg, moved to Catalonia in 2010 after working jointly in many hotel projects around the world. They have since attained an extensive network with local wine producers, restaurateurs and hotel owners, and have mapped the region for interesting sites and activities to offer their clients.


The travel operation is focused on sustainability and cultural awareness, and the programs generally comprise of visits to wine producers with a natural, ecological or biodynamic process, restaurants offering local slow food made of regional produce and specialties, and with elements of nature and local culture as important complements. The groups are mostly booked into rural hotels with a green profile, situated in the beautiful wine regions of Catalonia.



SweetEasy Wine Tours

Sinisa Curovic


An international hospitality professional that claims he was born in a kitchen. Loves traveling, and always on the outlook for the most interesting food and wine. Raised in Sweden, but with his roots on Croatia's Dalmatian coast, Sinisa harmoniously combines the Nordic punctuality with the Mediterranesan 'joie-de-vivre'. Sinisa's motto: "Everything is possible! "





Sara Rönnberg


A creative academic who left business consultancy for the world of wine and food. According to Sara, the best days are spent touring the wine regions on the search for new experiences. A keen traveler, who has fallen in love with Catalonia. Her Swedishness has mellowed after living abroad for many years, and now she feels more at home among the vineyards then in her native Stockholm.

the SweetEasy team


Sinisa and Sara has managed hotel projects around the world - from Tanzania, Nigeria and Zanzibar, to England, Sweden and Spain. Food and wine has always been important ingredients both in their private life and professionally. Sinice 2010, they call Catalonia their home, and has settled in the Penedès region south of Barcelona. They started SweetEasy Wine Tours to be able to share the amazing experiences they've made in Catalonia with fellow wine and food lovers.