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"After our first visit to a winery we were terribly hooked, and ever since, we take every opportunity to make new discoveries. It's easy to get inspired by the passion found with the people working in the world of wine. Let yourself be seduced by Catalonia. You're invited!"

There is no better place to enjoy a wine as where the grapes are grown, and by a process close to alchemy, turned into precious wine. If you have the opportunity to taste a wine together with the people, that through their passion and hard work, makes this process come true, the wine comes alive and the experience of every flavour is more intense.


Winetourism is still quite a new concepts in Catalonia, and it has not been comersialized to the same extent as in other wine regions throughout the world. Small family owned cellars, using artesanal production methods and sustainable farming techniques in the fileds, open their doors to the curious visitor. Sometimes it's the owner or the winemaker, who with great enthusiasm will explain his or her philosophy of producing wine - from the field to the glass.


All your senses are invited to a winetour with SweetEasy. Let your eyes enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and your nose identify the wild herbs growing around the vineyards. Listen to the passionate stories about winemaking, or appriaciate the silence of the countryside. Let your fingers feel the bark of the old vines, and your skin drink the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Be seduced by the enticing aromas escaping from the kitchens, and prepare yourself for the great pleasure of the first sip of wine.


the beauty and the wine

So much wine, so many D.O.


There are almost endless discoveries to make in the wine world of Catalonia; from the intense red wines of Empordà in the north, to the flavoursome whites of Terra Alta in the south. It's easy to be seduced by the dark red wines of Priorat, or the sparkling fresch Cavas of Penedès. Almost every corner of Catalonia has a lovely wine to offer the visitor. Let's do a short tour of the denominations.


One province, 12 DO's


Almost everybody can point out Barcelona on the map of Spain, but where do you find Priorat, Penedès, Empordà, and the many other wine districts of Catalonia. Maybe it's time for a quick lesson in the geography of Catalan wines.



"Sometimes a picture says more that a 1000 words. It's an old expression, but still true. Next to first hand experience, there's no better way to transmit the beauty of the moment as a photo. Welcome to share some of the highlights from our years in Catalonia. Hopefully we'll soon be able to add a picture from your winetour to our gallery.