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Can I buy wine at the wineries we visit?


Many of our visitors like to buy the wines they have tried during the trip, and the producers are happy to sell directly to the consumers at the cellar. Many cellars can also arrange transportation to your country of residence. The most cost efficient option is if the group agrees on one shipping address, and arrange the distribution locally. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information regarding shipping options.


What type of food do we eat during the trip?


All our trips are tailor-made to suit the needs and interests of our guests, and this goes for the food as well. However, we are more than happy to recommend some of our personal favourites. We are convinced that the wines of a region are best combined with the local cuisine, as they share the same history and terroir. The hotels, restaurants and cellars we cooperate with are all working with local produce and delicatessen, prepared according to grandmother’s recipes, or with a more contemporary and experimental twist.


Lunches and dinners usually comprise of a three-course menu, based on what’s in season and found fresh at the local market. In Catalonia lunch is served around 2-ò clock, and dinner starts at 8 or 9 in the evening and can take hours to complete. Some cellars arrange food pairings, or a picnic in the fields, to enhance the experience of their wines. We can also arrange cooking classes for guests interested in learning more about the traditional Catalan cuisine.


If you have special requests regarding restaurants to visit, we are happy to incorporate this in the program. And if anyone in the group has food allergies, or is on a special diet, we’ll do our very best to find suitable menus.

What’s the weather like in Catalonia?


The coastal regions of Catalonia have a typical mild Mediterranean climate, which invites to a visit all year around. Some say there are only two seasons here; the warm and dry summer starting in May and extending into October, and a mild and sunny spring during the rest of the year. Rain and wind is shortly followed by blue skies and sunshine. The hottest period is July and August, when a visit to the cool underground wine cellars gives a nice respite from the heat outdoors. A wine trip can also be combined with time at one of the beautiful beaches extending along the coast of Catalonia. The coldest time of year is January and February, but also during the winter months a lunch al-fresco is almost a daily pleasure.


Do I need previous knowledge about wine to enjoy a wine-tour?


There’s absolutely no need to be an expert on wine to have a great experience during a trip with SweetEasy. The only expectation we, and the wine makers have, are that you have an interest in wine. The wine novice will learn a lot about winemaking, and how the character of the grape varieties, the terroir and the aging methods are reflected in the wine we drink. Neither do you have to be an expert in wine tasting as the main purpose of the trip is to try some outstanding wines, and to meet with the passionate and enthusiastic winemakers of the region.


However, the visits can be adapted to the general knowledge of the group. If you have been on many wine tours around the world, you know a lot about wine-making and wine-tasting, you work professionally with wine, or are an hobby expert, we can turn up the volume. Let us know if you’d be interesting in doing a vertical tasting, or making your own coupage. We also arrange visits for importers, looking for new wines form Catalonia.


How should I dress during a wine-tour?


Our recommendation is to dress comfortably, and not to wear delicate shoes or clothes during the visits at the cellars. No high heels or suede shoes with slippery soles, as we are likely to walk in the fields and encounter wet floors in the underground cellars. In the summer a hat gives a nice shade, and during the colder months a sweater and a windbreaker or waterproof coat is recommended.


The general style in Catalonia is relaxed, especially in the countryside where the cellars are found. There is no requirement for formal dressing, unless the group is planning to visit any place with dress code.


How much does a wine-tour with SweetEasy cost?


As we tailor-make all our trips according to the requiremenst of the guests, we don’t have a fixed price. We are happy to adapt the program according to your budget for the trip. For an idea of costs, please have a look at our sample programs.


What’s included in the price?


It’s always clearly stated in the program what’s included and what’s not. We can give you a package price including accommodation, transportation, all visits, activities and meals. And if you prefer to leave some time for personal exploration, we limit the program to your special requirements. In the booking confirmation everything will be listed and any exclusions clearly stated.


In the price are generally included:

o transfer to and from the airport (or any other venue agreed on)

o transportation during the tour

o accommodation

o lunches

o all visits, tastings and other activities as per the program

o guide from SweetEasy


Excluded are normally:

o air ticket to Barcelona/Reus/Girona

o travel insurance

o tip at restaurants and hotels

o purchase of wines, shipping of wines

o any other personal expenses


How much money should I bring?


The answer to this question is highly personal. It’s often possible to pay by debit/credit card, and you’ll find an ATM in most villages. However, a small amount of cash is always recommended, as some bars, restaurants, shops and vineries don’t accept card payments.

Is there time for sightseeing or shopping during the trip?


Every trip is unique, and we plan the program according to the interests of our guests. In our sample program, the focus is on wine and food, but any visit or activity can be exchanged for time at the beach, for shopping, or sightseeing. We are not specialized guides for Barcelona, but are happy to assist with our personal recommendations. It’s also possible to add a day or more to explore Barcelona, Girona or Tarragona, or with a beach holiday along the beautiful coast.

When I how shall we pay for the trip?


The terms for payment are received in the initial proposal. Normally payment is made by transfer to our Spanish bank account, and generally the booking fee is around 20-30%. The final payment should be made at least 30 days prior to arrival, or as agreed on at the time of booking.


If the booking fee is not paid within the period stated in the proposal, SweetEasy does not consider it as a confirmed booking. If the final payment is not made according to the terms stated in the confirmation, SweetEasy reserves the right to consider the trip cancelled. The booking fee is non-refundable.


Should I take out a travel insurance?


Again, the answer to this question is highly personal. Many home insurance policies have coverage for travelling, including cancellations, so check with your insurance company before considering taking out travel insurance for the trip. When buying the air ticket, a travel insurance can usually be added, and when paying with debit/credit card, a certain travel insurance may also be included, but we recommend that you check what it comprises if you are uncertain.


Citizens of all countries within the European Union have general health coverage for emergencies during visits in the other member states, but please check what the requirements are. If you have a special health insurance, make sure to bring copies of the agreement. SweetEasy does not sell or mediate any type of travel insurance.


What are the terms for cancellations?


The terms of cancellations will be given in the proposal, and may vary depending on the size of the group, the number of persons cancelling (or if the cancellation is for the whole group) and any special agreement made at the time of booking. Our general cancellation policy for individual travelers is:


o For cancellations more than 30 days prior to the date of arrival, no additional fee is

charged. The booking fee is not refundable.

o For cancellations later than 30 days prior to arrival, the final payment should be



For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!